Maha Mantra LIVE MP3



Take a spiritual journey to Alachua’s kirtan community for uplifting prayer and mantra meditation as Bada Haridas leads heartfelt choruses and favorite Hare Krishna melodies.

When an entire community comes together for the sole purpose of singing the Divine Names, magic happens. Experience the extraordinary energy of hundreds chanting, dancing, and drumming together.

75 minutes of continuous Maha Mantra Kirtan Professionally recorded, mixed and mastered

Bada Haridas lead vocals and harmonium, Chakrini vocals, Visvambhar Sheth vocals and flute, Madhava Naidoo lead mridanga, Purusartha Sadkin bass, Jagannatha Kirtan, Krishna Kishore, Manorama dasa mridanga

“Bada Haridas sings from the heart and moves others deeply. He has a bond with the Holy Name that he has developed over many years. I love nothing better than being in his kirtans.” ­ — Vish from the Mayapuris

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