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Irresistibly sweet, these Sanskrit mantras and Bengali songs soothe the heart and inspire the soul.



Gaura Sharanam

Whether you prefer your kirtan music for meditation, yoga, dancing, or singing, your desires will be satisfied with Bada Haridas’ new album, Gaura Sharanam.

Easy to sing-along melodies, original tunes and stunning arrangements, the tasteful fusion of musical accompaniment, and the beautiful voices of guest artists, combine to make Gaura Sharanam a new favorite kirtan album. From beginning to end, it’s uplifting and engaging. Truly, anandambudhi vardanam: an ocean of bliss!

Maha Mantra LIVE

Take a spiritual journey to Alachua’s kirtan community for uplifting prayer and mantra meditation as Bada Haridas leads heartfelt choruses and favorite Hare Krishna melodies.

When an entire community comes together for the sole purpose of singing the Divine Names, magic happens. Experience the extraordinary energy of hundreds chanting, dancing, and drumming together.

75 minutes of continuous Maha Mantra Kirtan Professionally recorded, mixed and mastered

Bada Haridas lead vocals and harmonium, Chakrini vocals, Visvambhar Sheth vocals and flute, Madhava Naidoo lead mridanga, Purusartha Sadkin bass, Jagannatha Kirtan, Krishna Kishore, Manorama dasa mridanga

Om Purnam

with Karnamrita

The sacred sounds and lyrics of these songs invoke the very heart of the Supreme Being. The contemporary arrangements mixed with traditional melodies and instrumentation, along with beautiful singing, bring out the irresistible sweetness of these Sanskrit and Bengali songs.

Seeking Your Shelter

In an innovative new album, Bada Haridas’ soulful chanting and Murari Krishna’s heart stirring violin uplift and envelop the audience. This multi-layered dance of instruments and singers is masterfully choreographed, offering the listener a full meditation experience.

Sri Nama

This collection of prayers and mantras invoke the presence and blessings of the divine couple through the blissful singing of their holy names.

Lively and fresh, a ‘must have’ album for those who relish melodious kirtan and devotional bliss.

Enjoy a full hour of joyful chanting and meditative bhajans with Bada Haridas, Visvambhar, Purusartha, Anapayini, Jvalamukhi, Komala Kumari, Ekendra, Bali, Jaya Sita, Markandeya, and Krsna Kishore. 12 page songbook included.


Devotional Meditations, is the intense yearning of the pure soul for reunion with God. Ancient Sanskrit and Bengali songs are beautifully sung and arranged using a combination of classical and contemporary instruments.


“In the land of Nadia, on the island of Godruma, the magnanimous Lord Nityananda has opened up the treasure house of the Holy Name, meant for the elevation of all souls.”

Ocean of Mercy

Featuring Nadiya Mani

Srila Vishvanatha Chakravarti Thakura, who appeared in the middle of the seventeenth century, is a great spiritual master in the Krsna conscious chain of gurus and disciples. He says, “One who, with great care and alteration, loudly recites this beautiful prayer to the spiritual master during the Brahma-muhurta obtains direct service to Krsna, the Lord of Vrndavana, at the time of his death.”

Divine Treasure

Featuring Nadiya Mani & Amala Harinam

Radha is made of pure love for Krsna and Hari is made of pure love of Radha. Life’s greatest wealth is Radha and Krsna: my eternal shelter.

Radha is the Mistress of Vrndavana and Krsna is the Master of Vrndavana. Life’s greatest wealth is Radha and Krsna: my eternal shelter.