Chanting from the heart

Your response was extremely encouraging, enthusing and refreshing to hear. Especially the part about it being an arrangement to learn to chant from the heart. With renewed vigor and patience I am going to try to do this.


Meditation on the Holy Name of Krishna

Thank you. I’m glad it was helpful.
One other thing I wanted to share from my experience:
Sometimes my consciousness is in my head and my chanting: moving the tongue, vocal cords, etc., all gets linked involuntarily together in an unconscious way. Hearing doesn’t really happen then and it can also strain the vocal cords.

I’ve had to become aware of this at japa retreats. Chanting 64 rounds and then leading kirtan. I have had to find ways to preserve my weak vocal chords. With a little awareness, the consciousness can be brought back into the heart. Chanting from there, as spirit soul, is completely different from mental chanting. In that place, I can chant, call out and hear, whether I’m making sound with my mouth or not. Also, with a little practice it’s possible to articulate the words of the mantra without using the vocal chords, or using them in a very relaxed way. This takes some practice and awareness. The main thing, of course, is bringing the consciousness into the heart. I hope this makes sense. I thought it would be helpful in your present circumstance.

I found the seminar by Sacinandana Maharaja to be very uplifting and also to the point for what you were asking. Maharaja has been a great inspiration for me in my chanting. I’ve gone through, and continue to go through ups and downs in my chanting and his kind words, encouragement, and realized knowledge always help me get back to the essence of things.

Thank you again for your sincere desire to chant purely. I’m always happy to hear how things are going.
Wishing you all the best on your auspicious journey,

Your servant,
Bada Haridas

Sacinandana Swami singing kirtan