Appreciate the Opportunity before you

Dear Bada Haridas,

Thank you for such a thoughtful, well laid out and helpful email. I really appreciate how much effort you put into your response.

Today I had the day off and was home alone so I decided to give things a try. I read through your email again and noted the key points. There was a gem in every paragraph.

I managed to chant all of my rounds straight, from start to finish! I don’t remember the last time I did them all in one sitting. The first half were quite attentive and refreshing, really trying to focus on the points you made. I started to get a bit distracted and unable to sit still after a while, but I feel it is a great step in the right direction. Thank you for inspiring me to start getting my sadhana back in shape. I really truly hope to one day realize all of the points you made and get a taste for chanting; both in japa and kirtan.

I hope this meets you in very good health and that all of your traveling and preaching are bringing you great happiness.

Attentive, focused japa meditation

Thank you. I’m glad it was helpful. I pray that you are able to continue and improve in this way. It’s worth the effort, to say the least. Material nature offers no end of distractions, but if you can develop good japa habits, (ie. consistently bringing the mind back) you can stay on track and over time your desire to chant will grow.

I have one other suggestion. Hearing from Srila Prabhupada, even a little bit every day, can be very powerful if you soak it in. Reading even a paragraph or listening to a class while you have breakfast or drive. Somehow fit in something here and there, it will make your mind stronger – in a good way!

By Krishna’s grace, my health has been good and I get a lot of inspiration, realization and purification from this service, the devotees I meet, and from Indradyumna Swami’s wonderful association.