Bada Haridas

Known for his inspiring and soulful chants, Bada Haridas has studied and performed devotional music and Kirtan since 1975.

Bada Haridas & Visvambhar Sheth

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Parama Karuna Bhajan

This beautiful song about the mercy of Lord Chaitanya and Lord Nityananda was written almost 500 years ago by the Vaishnava poet Locana das Thakura.

The two Lords, Nitai-Gauracandra, are very merciful. They are the essence of all incarnations. The specific significance of these incarnations is that They introduced a process of chanting and dancing that is simply joyful.

Learn to Play on Harmonium

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In this video Bada Haridas shows you how to play Parama Karuna Bhajan on harmonium.

LEARN TO PLAY the Mridanga beats

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In this video Visvambhar shows you how to play mridanga beats for Parama Karuna Bhajan.
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An Offering

Music Lesson with Bada Haridas

I’ve been fortunate to sing kirtan for Radha Shyamasundara in Alachua for many years. They have reciprocated with my humble service in many wonderful ways. This melody came to me one evening while singing to Them.
This 3-part melody for Radhe Shyam Meditation is in a simple pentatonic (five note) scale in the key of C. In this video you’ll see the chords I use that give it a special flavor. Please also listen to the full studio recording and play along. 

Radhe Shyam Maha Mantra Meditation



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